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All Ages Robotics Workshop ~ Jan 2018

We started STEM Robotics Australia with a vision that sees every one having access to learn about robotics. We would like you to join us in supporting this vision by attending STEM Robotics training for yourself, bring your parents and your children. We believe that everyone can learn and that learning shouldn’t only be available to the privileged few but for all citizens, young and older.

Our next All Ages Robotics Workshop will be on:

Date: 30th January 2018

Time: 2:00pm ~ 4:00pm

Location: West Sunshine Community Centre, 25 Kermeen St Sunshine West 3020

Price: $40 per attendee (Ages >5) 

Book now: Click the Contact Us tab above or visit our Facebook page STEM Robotics Australia


One thought on “All Ages Robotics Workshop ~ Jan 2018

  1. Robotic is very fun learning activity for students and kids and they can learn the concepts of STEM easily. And all parents should enrol the students in such kind of workshops and clubs.


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