STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. It was originally credited as being coined by Rita Colwell when she was the Director of the National Sciences Foundation in America. We live in a world where coding is becoming the new literacy and STEM is increasingly being used to benchmark a Nation’s economic competitiveness.

What is fun about STEM? Robotics.

Our mission is to teach everyone we can about robotics!!

We use LEGO™ Mindstorms EV3 to educate students on mechanical concepts, light sensors, ultra sonic sensors and concepts such as gear ratio, friction, potential energy, kinetic energy, fractal design, spacial awareness & oscillations.  Visual programming environments are used to enhance understanding of algorithms and experiential learning allows the learner to retain what they have learnt for longer.

Through hands-on/minds-on activities  our students progressively learn creativity, logic, innovation and problem solving skills.  Making robots is the best platform for juniors and seniors alike to have fun, work in a team and learn about algorithmic thinking while figuring out how to make programable robots move, dance, play soccer and more.

STEM Robotics Australia will be publishing a children’s book on robotics in 2017. Our main character Alpha has just moved from very far away and takes readers on a journey to create a new robot friend to play with.

Come and join us for our next scheduled workshop, course or we can even attend your workplace for team building events.

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